MB486, MB512, and MB603

Some sessions recorded in MB486, MB512, and MB603 are failing to encode. The Panopto recorder is defaulting to recording the WolfVision visualiser as its main primary source, instead of the camera. If the visualiser is switched off (with the neck flat on … Continued

Notification emails not sent

Notification emails are sent by Replay for a number of tasks, most common is to let you know that a session you recorded has been processed and is available to view. We’re in contact with Panopto’s support about bringing them … Continued

September 9th: Upgrade

We will be upgrading Aston Replay to the latest version of Panopto on September 9th, 2015 At risk all day There will be times when it is unavailable, so consider access to Replay at risk during the entire day. If … Continued