Copy a session to another folder

If you want to give students on different modules access to the same Panopto sessions. you don’t need to copy each session. Add another Panopto folder to the Blackboard course instead.

Follow the tutorial, below, if you want to copy an individual session into another Panopto folder

Via the folder list

  1. Log into Aston Replay (How?)
  2. On the left hand side of the screen, you can browse to the folder where the session(s) are located
  3. Panopto Multiple SelectClick the checkbox next to each session you would like to copy
  4. Click the Copy button
  5. Click the Choose a folder dropdown and select where you want the session(s) to be copied to. You can also start typing the name of the folder (eg the module code) and it will show you a list of matches to pick from.
  6. Check that you’ve selected the correct folder and sessions, then click Copy
  7. The sessions have been lined to up copy when you see a tick next to each one. You can close the window at this point, and the sessions will process.

Via the session’s settings

  1. Log into Aston Replay (How?)
  2. Find the session you wish to copy. To help you, you can use
    • the search box at the top of the screen
    • the list of folders on the left
    • the Filter by date button
  3. HoverforSettingsClick on the settings icon for the session- it will appear underneath the session when your mouse pointer is above the session
  4. Click on the Manage tab
  5. Copy sessionUnder the section titled Copy Session, change the title of the new session (if you need to) then click Copy.
  6. After you confirm that you want to copy the session, it is duplicated in the folder with the name you specified. After a couple of sessions, the settings screen will update to show the settings for the copy of the session.
  7. Panopto copy overview tabTo move it to the destination folder, click on the Overview tab
  8. Panopto move edit folderClick Edit next to the folder
  9. From the drop down list that appears, select the destination folder
  10. Panopto move save new folderClick Save

You’re left with two copies of the session. One in the original folder, and one in the destination folder. The copy will go into the processing queue and be available to students in that folder when it is ready.