Merge Sessions

Follow these steps if you’d like to join two sessions together

For example if you accidentally clicked stop when you meant to click pause, you could join the two sessions into one.

  1. Log in to Aston Replay (How?)
  2. Session to Merge: SettingsLocate one of the sessions you want to merge together, and click the Hover Settings Icon settings icon
  3. Session ManageClick Manage
  4. Merge into another sessionIn the two drop downs located under ‘Merge into another session’
    1. Select the folder containing the other session you want to join to this one
    2. Then in the second drop down, select the session you want to merge in with this one
  5. Click Merge
  6. Are you sure you want to mergeThe target session will be made unavailable while the sessions are merged together. Click OK to begin the process.

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