Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to start, pause, and stop the Panopto recorder – even if it is minimized or not the currently active window.

This means you can stop recording while PowerPoint is still presenting without switching back to the Panopto Recorder. Likewise, you could also pause the recorder without minimising other opened content, making your presentation look smoother.

Make sure no other programs will interfere with the hotkeys enabled by Panopto Recorder.


Windows F8
OS X Command + Option + R

Login to your Panopto Recorder as normal. Select a folder (unless you are recording offline), enter a name for the session, and configure any sources you wish to use for this presentation.

Test this first…

…as any error messages will only display if the Panopto recorder is the active window.


Windows F9
OS X Command + Option + P

Remember, pausing will still record content while activated; it simply creates an edit to your presentation that can be modified under the edit tab of the web interface. Please read the details about “Pause” on our Creating a Recording page if you have any more questions about this feature.


Windows F10
OS X Command + Option + R

If you chose a folder to record to prior to starting the recording, it will automatically upload. If you didn’t choose a folder, you will need to upload the recording.