Upload Content Not Recorded in Panopto

You’re not limited to using Panopto to display and store videos that you have recorded using Panopto

This may be material such as a video export of a presentation from PowerPoint, or material recorded from a camera. You can even upload MP3 files with just audio.


This assumes you already have a Blackboard module set up to upload your materials.

  • If you’re uploading materials for a taught module, or something else that already has a presence on Blackboard, you need to provision the Blackboard course
  • For other materials, contact the TEL Team to discuss requirements.
  1. Log into the Aston Replay website. (How?)
  2. Click Create, then Upload media
  3. If you weren’t already viewing a folder, you will be prompted to choose where you want to upload to.
  4. Drag your video file(s) from into the box, or click within the box to browse your computer and select the files to upload. The upload(s) will begin.
  5. The session(s) have names based on the filenames you upload. You can amend them by clicking and editing the name.
  6. When uploading is complete, you will see the message ‘Upload complete. You can close this window now’ at the top of the list of uploads.
  7. When the sessions are ready to view, Panopto will send you an email.

Smart Chapters

If you are uploading a video of a presentation, you may want to run it through Smart Chapters – this will create a table of contents of the session for your viewers.

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