Panopto lets you change the playback speed when viewing sessions

This is currently not working in Safari on macOS – the button is missing.


Until this is fixed by Panopto, you’ll need to use a different web browser if you want to change the playback speed.

Panopto have told us of issues with viewing some recordings in Google Chrome which were made on a Mac.

Recordings created using Panopto for Mac can cause playback issues in the recently released version of Google Chrome (version 64). In this release of Chrome, playback halts when the browser encounters minor inconsistencies in the audio stream. We expect this issue to affect a small fraction of Panopto sessions that have been created using Panopto for Mac.

If you run into this problem, you can use another web browser to view the affected session.

The new version of Replay features a brand new viewer designed to make better use of the space you’ve got on your screens


There is a full overview of the features on the Panopto support site.


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