Embed a session into a website

You can embed a session into any website that lets you paste HTML code

The embed code is listed on the settings for session. You can get to this in a couple of ways, you will need to be logged in to Replay for whichever one you choose

When logged into Replay, switch to the view that shows you all the sessions by clicking on Everything in the left hand column

HoverforSettingsClick Settings next to the session you want to embed – note that the settings link will only appear when your mouse cursor is hovering over the session.

Settings icon in viewer

When viewing a session, click the settings icon at the top of the screen

Panopto Email without shadowWhen a session is processed and available for viewing, you will be sent an email.

You can use the Share or Additional output formats link in the email as a shortcut to get to a session’s settings screen

When you’re at the settings screen for the session you want to embed:

  1. Share tabClick Share
  2. ShareEmbedClick Embed
  3. ShareEmbedHtmlClick the HTML once – this will automatically highlight the code for you, to save you selecting it yourself.
  4. Right click the code, then click Copy to copy it to your clipboard

Embeds respect the sharing settings of the session

You are in full control of who you share your sessions with. Either anyone on the internet, anyone at Aston University (staff and students), or named individuals. Read more about sharing settings.

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