Select Panopto Folders in Blackboard

Having provisioned the Blackboard course, if you then go to add another Panopto folder you will find that you are unable to, and you may be locked out of one or both folders. If you end up losing access to the Panopto folder, email and we’ll add it back for you.

If the Blackboard course hasn’t used Panopto before, you’ll need to follow this tutorial first.

Why would I do this?

  • If you deliver lectures where your audience is made up of students from more than one module
  • if you would like to use Panopto for more than just lecture capture – eg you could create a folder to record sessions that you use each year, and a separate folder to record your lectures.


Go to the Blackboard course, and click on the Panopto tool link in the course menu (if you followed a tutorial, it will be named Aston Replay)

This shows you the Panopto folders available in this Blackboard course. Click Re-Configure, at the bottom of the screen

Configure Panopto Focus Course

The Configure Panopto Focus Course screen shows you the list of Panopto folders that have been selected for this course, a list of all the available folders you have on Panopto, and lets you create a new folder in Panopto.

Add a new folder

For example, you want to create a folder to record materials into so they are kept separate from your recorded lectures (eg so next year you can reuse the materials)

  1. Click Create New Folder
  2. Give it a descriptive name

Don’t use a generic folder name

Be specific as to what the content of the folder is. While calling the folder Lectures might make sense in the context of the Blackboard course, it won’t make sense outside – eg when you’re recording a session to it in the Panopto recorder, if your students are viewing recordings on or using the Panopto app for iOS/Android, etc.


By default, students will be have access to a podcast feed of all of the sessions you record to this folder. If you don’t want them to be able to download this, you will need to disable the podcast for each folder.

Remove a folder

This removes access to the folder for people in this Blackboard course. For example, you have added a new folder for the new academic year, and wish to remove access to the previous year’s sessions

This will not delete the folder from the server, it will revoke access to it from this Blackboard course

  1. Under Selected Folders, click the name of the folder you wish to revoke access to
  2. Click << Remove
  3. Click Submit

Note This doesn’t delete the sessions on Aston Replay. They’ll still be available to last year’s students.

Add an existing Panopto folder to this course

You could use this if you give lectures where your audience is made up of students from more than one module, or if you want to make last year’s recordings available to this year’s Blackboard course.

  1. Select the folder you want to add to this Blackboard course [1] and click Add >> [2]
  2. Click Submit [3]