Copying sessions

Panopto have fixed the issue preventing copied sessions from processing. If you had any sessions that you tried to copy over the last couple of weeks, they will now be available.

Panopto Recorder on OS X

Uploads are not currently working on OS X – Panopto are investigating If you have recorded any sessions on a Mac, email, and we will work with Panopto’s support team to get them uploaded for you.

Not accepting uploads from off campus

Aston Replay is currently unable to accept uploads from computers not connected to the university network If you wanted to create a recording, consider using Kaltura to create a narrated screencapture. Email for more information.

Broken images

Over the last few days, when viewing sessions, you might see a broken image where you should see a thumbnail. It shouldn’t prevent you from being able to view sessions, and refreshing the page after a few sessions should fix … Continued

Server upgrade

The work over the last two days should increase our capacity to process sessions more quickly, and let you view more sessions without it slowing Replay down What have we done? Working with Panopto, we’ve added an extra web server to … Continued

Slow afternoons and evenings

At times during the afternoons and evenings, Replay can be slow or unavailable. We’re working with Panopto (the people who make the software) to get this fixed, and we’ll post more here and via Twitter when we’ve got more information. In the … Continued

Sessions not uploading

Uploads have now resumed, although there is a backlog of sessions to process. You can check on your sessions by logging into Replay and looking at the processing tab. Uploading from recorder If this says 0% it means the computer it was … Continued