Stuck Uploads

Due to an issue with Panopto’s hosted service, a number of sessions recorded over the last two weeks remain stuck at the uploading stage. The majority of the stuck sessions have been uploaded. However, a number of them will require … Continued

Teaching room uploads

Sessions no longer automatically resume uploading when the computer is switched on. In previous years, recordings would automatically resume uploading when the computer was next switched on. However, from this year, they will only resume uploading after the first launch … Continued

Graphs not shown in Firefox

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, you won’t see any graphs when viewing statistics for your folders and sessions. Panopto’s development team are investigating. Until a fix is released, you will need to use another web browser to view the graphs.

Failed uploads

Panopto have informed us there are intermittent issues with uploading sessions. Looking at Aston Replay, none of our sessions from today have successfully uploaded. The sessions will remain on the computers they were recorded on until the issues are fixed. … Continued