Introducing the Archive

From the end of August, we will start regularly archiving Panopto sessions which have not been viewed within the previous 13 months.

Sessions stored in the archive will not be immediately available to view. Anyone trying to view an archived session will be able to request that it is moved out of the archive and made available – this process will take up to 48 hours.


This process will start on 29 August 2022. After that, the archive process will run twice a month.

How do I stop session being archived?

Prior to you making your Blackboard course available to students, when you ensure that the content within functions correctly, playing each Panopto session will mean that they will avoid being archived for at least 13 months.

How do I unarchive a session?

An archive Panopto session asking if the viewer would like to move it out of the archive.

When trying to view a session in the archive, a message will appear. Staff and students can move the session out of the archive by clicking on the Restore from Archive link, and they will receive an email when this is completed. The session will be available for person requesting the restore, and others who have the permission, to view.

More information

Including how to find archived sessions on Panopto, is available on Panopto’s site.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash