Viewing permissions now refresh more often

Panopto now refreshes a student’s permissions before showing them the Request Access screen.

Previously, a student’s viewing permission on Panopto was updated when they:

  1. Log into Panopto
  2. Clicked the Aston Replay recordings link in a Blackboard course

In certain circumstances, this may result in them being unable to view Panopto videos embedded onto the page of a Blackboard course – because their viewing permissions were out of date. Instead, they would see a screen directing them to request access to view the video:

Clicking Request Access would send an email to all creators listed on the Panopto folder, asking them if they wanted to give the student access. Not ideal for the student or academic.

Now, Panopto will automatically refresh the student’s permissions before showing them the request access screen and will play the video if they have access.