Making a recording on the afternoon of Wednesday 18th?

Migration to the Panopto hosted service will mean you may not be able to log into Replay at various points during Wednesday afternoon.

If you want to make a recording while we’re migrating Replay, request a temporary account which you can use as a fall back.

We’ve reached out to people who have recorded on previous Wednesdays. If you’ve not heard from us and would like a temporary account, email and let us know the module code or Panopto folder you’d like to record to.

How to use the temporary account

When you’re in the room, try to make the recording as you normally would. When you open the Panopto recorder, if the button letting you log in via Blackboard is there, click it and record as normal.

If you open the Panopto Reorder, and there is no button to log in with Aston’s Blackboard, you will need to point the Panopto recorder to Replay’s new address by doing the following

  1. PanoptoClientNewURLChange the server address to
  2. Click Save
  3. Panopto UACClick Yes when asked if you want to make changes to the computer

Now, if the button to log in with Aston’s Blackboard is there, click it and log in. This means the migration has reached the point where we’ve integrated Blackboard with the new Panopto hosted service.

If there still isn’t a button there, log in using the temporary account provided. Note that you won’t have access to all of your folders, just the one’s you requested.