We’re going hosted – 18th November

Since 2009, Aston Replay has been hosted in the university’s data centre. From November 18th, it will be hosted by Panopto.

Those of you who were here in 2012 might remember we did a similar thing with Blackboard – originally we hosted the application ourselves, and then moved to the hosting service provided by Blackboard.

The migration will start at midday on Wednesday, November 18th. Replay should be considered at risk for the remainder of the day. See details for other time zones.

If you need to make a recording during this time, email replay@aston.ac.uk

There will be a delay while recordings made in the week prior to the migration are copied over. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of days, and we will have more detail shortly.

What will change?

  • Aston Replay will be hosted by Panopto on their hosted service.
  • Replay will live at a new address – astonreplay.cloud.panopto.eu (you won’t be able to log in here until the 18th).
  • We’ll be putting a redirect in so that any links to replay.aston.ac.uk will continue to work.
  • Viewing sessions via Blackboard will continue to work in the same way – we’ll make these changes behind the scenes.
  • If you make recordings on your own computers, you will need to point it to the new address.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Moving to Panopto hosted means you’ll be able to search through your sessions for words spoken, as well as those that appear on screen.  More information.

No more Silverlight for viewing

Silverlight LogoPanopto hasn’t recorded sessions that require Silverlight since the start of this academic year.

We are going back through sessions from previous academic years, all twenty thousand of them, and transcoding them to use the new format – this process will start after we have migrated.

Note Silverlight is still required if you want to edit sessions.

Recording on a Mac

Thank you for your patience. You will be able to upload directly again, without us having to do it for you.

Automatic updates

Unlike when we moved to Blackboard’s Managed Hosting, we won’t get to choose when we upgrade Aston Replay – it will always be running on the latest version of Panopto. This will mean any issues will be fixed in a timely manner, and new features will be available sooner rather than having to wait until the end of the academic year.


If you have any questions about the migration, or about Replay in general, email replay@aston.ac.uk