Server upgrade

The work over the last two days should increase our capacity to process sessions more quickly, and let you view more sessions without it slowing Replay down

What have we done?

Working with Panopto, we’ve added an extra web server to cope with the demand, which has increased dramatically compared to this time last year.

Also, we’ve added extra servers to process sessions. Previously, a queue of sessions to encode would build up during the course of the day meaning, if you wanted to watch a session that was recorded late afternoon/early evening, it wouldn’t have been encoded until very early the following day. Now, we can encode twice as many sessions at once, and will be able to expand this when required.

Basically, we want less tweets like this one…

…and more like this one

What’s next?

When viewing sessions, you might see broken images where you should see thumbnails (eg in the lists of sessions, or across the bottom of the viewer). Panopto are working on fixing this.