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On Apple devices, the links to Subscribe in Apple Podcasts or iTunes don’t work. This is due to a change in how Apple devices handle links beginning with feed:. Workaround Subscribe using the RSS feeds instead: manually copy the link, open up the Podcasts app, and paste the URL. macOS In the Panopto folder view, Continue Reading…
Be aware that your lecturer may have decided to turn off this feature. If this is the case, please contact your lecturer for more information.

Aston Replay produces two types of podcast:

MP4 Video
Contains any screen captures, PowerPoint slides, cameras etc
MP3 Audio
Just the audio of the session

You can find the links on the Aston Replay page in your Blackboard course or when viewing a folder on

RSS Icon on server

Click the RSS Icon in the top right. You can subscribe in iTunes/Apple Podcasts or copy the RSS links and add them to a feedreader such as Feedly.