Update the share settings on a re-used video

You can reuse a Panopto video from one module to another, and from one year to another

If you have carried out a course copy and copied embedded Panopto videos

If you have copied embedded Panopto videos, you must amend the sharing permissions on the video in the original module to enable students to see the copied version.

Change the permissions on one video at a time, or on all the videos in the module in one go
  1. Open the Aston Replay area in the original module.
  2. CHANGING ONE VIDEO – hover over that video to make the menu appear and click on the Share link.
    CHANGING ALL THE VIDEOS – look to the top right to find the folder controls and click on the Share link.Descriptive
  1. Scroll down and look for Who can access this video and select Change.Descriptive
  2. Choose from one of these options:
    Specific people – Named people, either people within Aston or external email addresses, have access to view
    RECEOMMENDED Anyone at your organisation with the link – The session will not be listed on replay.aston.ac.uk, but will be available to anyone who has the link (eg via an email) after they have logged in using their Aston username & password
    Anyone at your organisation – The session will be listed on replay.aston.ac.uk for anyone to find and view, once they have logged in using their Aston username & password
    Anyone with the link – Anyone who has the link, eg via an email, will be able to view the session
    Public on the web – The session will be listed on replay.aston.ac.uk, for anyone to view.
  3. Click the cross to close the settings page and save your changes.