A session not appearing in Blackboard could be down to a couple of things – you recorded it to the wrong Panopto folder, it is still in the encoding queue, you made an offline recording, or something’s gone wrong.

Don’t use Blackboard to try and find where your missing session is

Blackboard will only show you Replay sessions in folders attached to the Blackboard course – which will be no use to you if your session is in the wrong folder.

Did you get an email from Panopto telling you your session is ready?

Panopto Session Ready EmailIf you did, that means the session was successfully uploaded to the Replay server.

If the session isn’t appearing where you expect it to, look in the email for the name of the folder it was uploaded to, and read below.

If you didn’t receive the email, read on…

Find the date and time of your session

Log into Aston Replay (How?) where you can see a list of all the sessions you’re entitled to view, and also what status they’re at.

The best way to find your session is to narrow it down to the date you recorded it on.

Go to the all sessions view, click Filter by date and set the From and To dates to the date you recorded the session.

Filter by date

This will show you a list of all sessions from that date that you’re either allowed to view, or that you created. Look through the list (which is sorted by time) and locate your session. Click the sections below depending on if the session is listed or not.

The Session isn’t listed

Offline Recording

This means you didn’t select a folder to record to. As the Panopto recorder didn’t know where to upload it to, it left the files on the computer that made the recording.

Follow the steps to upload an offline recording the next time you’re in the room.

A recording wasn’t made

If when you get to the computer that made the recording, and the session isn’t listed in the Panopto recorder, then a recording wasn’t made.

The session is listed

Check which folder you recorded the session to

A common mistake is to select an incorrect folder when you make the recording – you recorded a session into the 2012 folder. The folder is listed underneath the session title. This session called Integrating Teamwork in a Connected World


… was recorded in a folder named Executive Development Master Classes.

Check the year

Most Panopto folders will begin with the year of study – a common mistake is to select a folder for a previous year’s module, especially as these will be listed above this year’s folder in the Panopto recorder.

If it is shown in the wrong folder, follow these steps to move the session into the correct folder.

Still processing

If the session is processing, it will say so


You will see various messages depending on the status of the session. Statuses such as Queued for encodingProcessingEncoding are all normal.

Not fully uploaded

If the text says that the session is still ‘Uploading from recorder’, then the upload didn’t complete before the computer was shut down. Incomplete uploads automatically resume the next time the PC is used. However, if you were the last person in the room on a Friday, don’t expect the upload to finish until the Monday morning.

Very occasionally, a session can become stuck while uploading. If you suspect this, email and let us know

  • Which room you made the recording in
  • The date and time
  • What Panopto folder it should be uploaded to

Something has gone wrong

Error messages are also listed here. If you see one, contact Replay Support and let us know the date and time of the session, as well as the folder it is in.

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