Provision a Blackboard Course

If you click the Aston Replay link in your Blackboard course and get a blank screen, you’ll need to change your browser’s settings. Workaround Tell your browser to allow third party cookies from Aston Replay. There are steps for the main browsers on Panopto’s support site. Firefox users may also have to disable Enhanced Tracking Continue Reading…

Before you record anything for your module, you’ll need to provision the Blackboard course with Aston Replay.

This gives you somewhere to record to, and makes sure that only the students on the module can see what you record.

  1. panopto-course-tool-in-2016-engineering-templateGo to the Blackboard course you want to record sessions for. All schools now have a link to Aston Replay in the course menu – so click it and skip to step #7. If you need to add it to the course, read on.
  2. Blackboard Add Tool LinkClick the plus button [1] to add a new menu item and choose Tool Link [2]
  3. Course link nameSet the name to Aston Replay
  4. Panopto Drop DownChoose Panopto Course Tool Application from the Type dropdown
  5. Available to usersMake it available to users Note this refers to the link in the course menu, not the availability of any sessions you record into the Panopto folder.
  6. Click Submit
  7. In the course menu, click the Aston Replay Recordings link
  8. ErrorSome courses are erroneously reporting a ‘failed to reset’ error on this screen. You can safely ignore this
  9. Click Configure
  10. Click Add Course to Panopto. This will create a folder on Aston Replay for this Blackboard Course:

    • any instructor or TA enrolled on the course will be able to record sessions into the folder
    • students enrolled on this course will be able to view those sessions.
  11. Click Return to Course if you’re done, or click Add other folders to link more Panopto folders to this course.

If you have Panopto content you wish to reuse in this course, you can follow the steps.

Students downloading sessions

There are two ways students can download your sessions.

If you don’t want your students to be able to download your sessions, you will need to switch off the podcast feed for the folder you have just provisioned

However, if you want to give your students the ability to download the session when they’re viewing it, you can switch that feature on by following these steps.

Download Session