Record in a pool room

Aston Replay is installed in all of the central pool teaching rooms.

Before you make the first recording for a module – have you provisioned its Blackboard course?

If you (or another instructor on the Blackboard course) haven’t, you won’t be able to make recordings for the module. Follow these instructions before you get to the room.

Quick Reference

  1. Log into to podium pc using your Aston username and password.
  2. Open Aston Apps and open Panopto.
  3. In Panopto choose a folder (module) to record your recording into.
  4. Check the primary sources –  make sure the camera is working and the audio lights are flickering.
  5. Choose the secondary sources and open your PowerPoint slides.
  6. Click Record
  7. At the end of your session, click Stop.


  1. You can find the Panopto Recorder via the AstonApps launcher, located on the desktop.
  2. Panopto 5 - Login via BlackboardThe Panopto Recorder will open a Blackboard login screen. Enter your username & password, then click on Login.

    Problems logging in?

    • Ensure that the course has been provisioned from Blackboard to Panopto.
    • Login to Blackboard and confirm that you are enrolled on the appropriate course that you intended to record content for. Many staff have multiple Blackboard accounts and sometimes the wrong account is enrolled.
  3. panopto-5-folderIf you need to choose another folder, click in the box. As Panopto remembers the last folder you recorded to, you can skip to step six if the correct folder is displayed.
  4. Panopto 5 Folder choiceClick on the required folder. Your most recently used folders are listed at the top. If you have a lot of courses, you might find it easier to type in the box which will narrow the results.
  5. panopto-5-name-sessionUpdate the title of the session.
    Panopto fills in the title of the session with the current date and time and you can update this to something more meaningful.
  6. No primary sourceIf you’re in a room with a camera, it will default to recording video. Set video to None if you don’t want this
  7. panopto-5-vuSwitch the mic on and test the levels. You should see the volume meter move up and down in time with your voice. If the volume is too high (in the red) or too low, you can drag the blue slider to adjust the levels.
  8. panopto-5-recordWhen you’re ready to start, click the record button at the top left of the Panopto recorder.
  9. panopto-5-stop-pauseWhen recording, use the Pause button to temporarily pause recording, allowing you to resume again, or the Stop button to stop recording.

    If you click pause, your session is still recording

    When the session is uploaded to the server, content between you clicking pause and resume gets automatically edited out, and your students won’t see it

    Should you click pause, but forget to resume the recording, you can edit the content back into your session

  10. panopto-5-recording-completeAfter clicking stop, you will see the Recording Complete screen. This lets you amend the title and add a description of the session, if required. Click Upload
    • Don’t worry, if you forget to click on Upload, and just shut the computer down, it will automatically upload the next time the Panopto recorder is used on the computer.
  11. You will see the Manage Recordings screen, showing you the progress of this session uploading. If you want to make another recording straight away, you can click on Create New Recording and begin the process again.

In a hurry? Is the next class waiting to get into the room?

If you can’t wait for the upload to finish, you can shut the PC down and the upload will resume the next time the computer is switched on. Bear in mind that if you’re the last person in the room on

  • that day: the computer will not be in use until the following morning
  • a Wednesday morning: the computer may not be in use that afternoon
  • a Friday: the computer will not be in use until the following Monday

When the recording has finished uploading, it will go into the processing queue. You will receive an email when it has finished processing and is available to view.