Installing Panopto on your own computer

You can run the Panopto recorder on your own PC/Mac to create materials outside of the lecture room.

Aston PCs

You can install the Panopto recorder on an Aston PC by following the steps to install advertised software.

Aston Macs

  • If you don’t have admin rights on your Mac, you’ll need to request assistance from IT Services.
  • If you do have admin rights, you can follow the steps as if you were installing on your own computer, below.

On your personal device

If you want to install on your own computer, or have administrator rights on your Aston computer and are happy to install software yourself, follow these instructions.

Download the installer package

You will only be able to download the recorder if you are able to make recordings. If you haven’t already, make sure you have provisioned your Blackboard course(s).

  1. Log in to Aston Replay
  2. Click the Download Panopto link at the top right of the screen
  3. Panopto Download and RecordDownload either the Windows or OS X version

Installation & configuration

Tips & Tricks

The chances are the built in microphone in your laptop won’t be of good enough quality. Email for suggested microphones.

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