Discover how often your sessions are viewed, and dig deeper to see which parts of your sessions are attracting your students’ attention.

Go to and login (How?). Statistics are available wherever you see the graph icons UI Stats Icon hoverui_icon_stats

Panopto folder stats icons

Click a folder name in the left hand side.

  1. The UI Stats Icon graph icon at the top will take you to statistics for that folder
  2. The hoverui_icon_stats icon next to a session will take you to the statistics for that session.

Folder statistics

When viewing information about a folder, you’ll see a graph showing you the number of views, unique users, and minutes viewed over the past month

Folder Statistics Graph

Hover the mouse pointer over the graph to see more details, and change the date range by clicking on the options at the bottom.

Underneath the graph is a list of the top 100 sessions in this folder, showing you how many views, how many minutes, and how many unique users each session has. Clicking the name of the session in this list will take you to the statistics about the session

Session statistics

You’ll see the graph for views/users/minutes viewed for the session, and another graph showing the views by video time

Statistics Views by video time

Looking at the graph for this session, we can see that there are several peaks, meaning that students are viewing the session and going back to these points to review/revisit.

Underneath the views by video time is a table of the top 100 viewers for this session showing you their username, how many views of this session they’ve made, and how many minutes they’ve viewed.

Download data

Click the Download link next to the graphs and tables to get a copy of the data as a CSV file.

The statistics view defaults to the past month, so if you want your download to contain all of the statistics for the folder, make sure you click All Time before you click Download.

Folder or session

If you’re downloading statistics for a folder, the CSV will contain the following information:

  • Timestamp
  • Session Name – included only when downloading statistics on a folder
  • Number of minutes viewed
  • The username of the person who viewed it – which may be blank if the session is viewable to people without logging in

Views by video time

Session Heatmap

Downloading the data for the views by video time will give you a CSV containing

  • Timestamp
  • What time in the session the view was started at (in seconds)
  • How many minutes were viewed
  • The username of the person viewing – which may be blank if the session is viewable to people without logging in