Retention and Deletion of Content

Ownership, control and responsibility for all Aston Replay recordings reside with the member of academic staff delivering the session or, in the case of visiting lecturers/non-Aston staff, the module leader. This individual initiates the recording, makes it available to registered students either as a download (default) or stream and can withdraw (make unavailable) or delete it at any point.

Aston Replay recordings are primarily provided to allow students to review teaching sessions they are timetabled to attend. The recordings are therefore only valid for the academic year in which they are made but could be retained at the owner’s discretion for use as a substitute for a live lecture only in an emergency (illness, restricted access etc).  In this case, and to avoid confusion, the link to year 1 recordings including in the annual roll over should be removed and a new folder created for Year 2. This will allow staff to access Year 1 recordings if necessary but will not provide general access for Year 2 students. Owners of modules that are not rolled over should just need to create a folder for year 2 and staff will continue to  have access to year 1. Students referred or re-siting a module will still have access to recordings through the original Yr1 Bb module.

It is then important that the content owner delete all year 1 recordings at the end of TP2 in year 2 to avoid user confusion and minimise storage requirements.

The content owner is, of course, at liberty to erase recordings at any point within the two year cycle e.g. the material is out of date or the lecturer is leaving the institution. Instructions on how to delete a recording can be found here.