Teaching room uploads

Sessions no longer automatically resume uploading when the computer is switched on.

In previous years, recordings would automatically resume uploading when the computer was next switched on. However, from this year, they will only resume uploading after the first launch of Panopto and when someone has logged into it. Uploads will continue if you close the Panopto recorder.

This change is due to how the Panopto recorder is deployed. When you double click the Panopto icon on the desktop, you’re installing the latest version we have available, and automatically running it. So, if we need to upgrade the recorders during the academic year – which has happened before – we won’t need to visit each teaching room.

(Previously, the recorder was installed into the teaching rooms as part of the imaging process, completed over the summer by IT Services)

Updated 27th September to clarify that uploads would continue when the Panopto recorder was closed and until the computer was shut down. 

2 thoughts on “Teaching room uploads

  1. 2017/18: Unfinished uploads will be suspended when you logout/shut down the PC until Panopto is re-connected in that room.

  2. Im confused…whats the implication of this if we want our lectures to upload that day? We need to stay logged in in case nobody else logs in after us? I get the bit that this is more convenient for IT services but what are the implications for lecturers and students?

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