Failed uploads

Panopto have informed us there are intermittent issues with uploading sessions. Looking at Aston Replay, none of our sessions from today have successfully uploaded. The sessions will remain on the computers they were recorded on until the issues are fixed. … Continued

macOS Sierra Keynote capture issue

We’ve had word from Panopto that there are problems with macOS Sierra users capturing from Keynote If Keynote Capture is checked, recordings will not successfully upload. Panopto for Mac v5.3.0 fixes this issue. If you’re running Panopto on your own Mac, … Continued

Panopto 5.3

Aston Replay was upgraded to Panopto 5.3 just before Christmas. There are no major changes to either the recorders (which remain at the same version in teaching rooms), the integration with Blackboard, or the main Replay site, but there are … Continued

Unable to upload from on campus

You’re currently unable to upload to Replay from on campus, including teaching rooms, offices or via the wireless networks. Logging in and making recordings is unaffected. Any recordings made on campus will remain on the computer that made them, and … Continued